FREE Gift Choices

 Hey Pup Parent,

You trusted us with your hard earned dollars.

And we really appreciate that, especially in today's economy \😜

To say thanks, we're rewarding every customer with a FREE gift.

... actually a CHOICE of gifts. 

FREE Gift Choices

You have 9 FREE gift options. Scroll down to find ordering instructions.

1. Dainty Paw Stud Earrings

These earrings sparkle in the sunlight and are a great choice for fashionable dog lovers :)


#2 Multi-Color Stainless Steel Paw Print Ring



#3 Adjustable Rose Paw Print Ring

Rose gold-plated and adjustable to size.


#4 Best Friend Dog + Human Set


Dogs can have BFF necklaces too, but his attaches to his collar for convenience.


#5 Paw Print Pendant

Your doggo's paw wrapped in a silver heart to keep your pup with you always <3


#6 Doggy Doorbell


When your pup wants to go in or out, all she needs to do is ring the bell. Most dogs can be trained to do this with some time :)


#7 Interactive Hidden Treat Toy


This toy has 2 holes to fill with small treats or kibbles. Your dog rolls it around to try to dislodge them. Keep him busy for hours!


#8 Dog Sunglasses for Small Breeds

Adorable for Instagram photoshoots! Note: only fits small breeds or cats.


#9 Dog Cookie Cutters

Ideal for the master bone baker. Comes with one bone and one dog-shaped cookie cutter.


FREE Gift Instructions

Each order placed is eligible for one free gift.

After your order is confirmed:

  1. Forward your order confirmation email to
  2. Include the name of your free gift CHOICE 


Free gifts are typically shipped separately with varied shipping times. Free Gifts are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.